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Holistic child-led experiential learning

Our children are at the heart of everything that we do at Little Paddington.

Holistic – A balanced focus on our children’s well-being, social and emotional development

Child-led – Our curriculum encourages curiosity, exploration and creativity  

Experiential – We focus on hands-on project work and reflection

Limitless Possibilities -  A diverse and dynamic programme designed to encourage a depth of learning

Inspiring Outdoor Spaces

We believe that learning goes beyond the classroom. Our intentionally-designed spacious outdoors provide an enchanting, lush green setting, designed to spark curiosity, discovery and adventure.


Sand Pit

Pirate-ship Play ground

Cycling Track

Water Play

Petting Zoo


Specialist Ateliers

Our specialist ateliers create a stimulating environment for hands-on learning opportunities across diverse fields. Our ateliers have specific age-appropriate curriculum and are integrated with each other to create cross-curricular connections.


United Nations

Imaginative Play

Here our children transform into budding scientists, exploring robotics, coding and the different sciences.  Children develop the skills to form opinions, solve problems and decipher the world around them.
We gather resources from around the world, so our children learn about varied countries and examine different cultures, arts, cuisines, languages, animals, monuments and educational items. 
Our role-play room takes children’s imagination and self-expression to its peak. Encouraging creativity aids in the development of social, emotional, physical, lingual, and problem-solving skills in children.

Music & Movement

Research shows that exposing children to music, helps them learn, memorise, express themselves and enhances cognitive development. Our children are explore to music and instruments from around the world.


Our cookery sessions have our little Master Chefs exploring different ingredients and experimenting with cooking techniques. It also helps them learn about health, hygiene and even maths and science.  

Art & Craft

Our little artists are presented with themes and ideas to express their creativity and develop fine-motor skills. Children also get a chance to appreciate famous artists throughout history and explore their unique techniques.

Mandarin Immersion Programme

We offer a Mandarin Immersion Programme, across all levels. Our Mandarin teachers communicate with children in Mandarin through interactive activities, to support children’s understanding of the Chinese language, culture and values.​

Nutritious Meals Prepared In-house

Our very own in-house chef prepares fresh and well-balanced meals for our children every day. Our menu is nutritious, tasty and most importantly, enjoyed by our children. ​

Our Programmes


Infant Care

3 months – 18 months

Our Reggio-Emilia inspired infant programme focuses on physical, social-emotional, sensory and literacy development, with a nurturing approach. 



18 months – 6 years 

Our personalised, project-based approach encourages children’s innate curiosity and makes learning relevant and memorable.

Our Awards

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What parents have to say

Where do you find a teacher being as happy (and sometimes more) with your child’s small feats? At Little Paddington, each educator is nurturing and passionate about every child! It is a place which is truly aligned to children ....

Miransha's Mother - Manika
Grizzlies 2 (N2)

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